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PAINT Nights - Costa del Sol

Now the PAINT Nights are also taking place in the southernmost part of Europe. Join the evening events with tasty tapas and drinks at the Event Restauraunt in Cala de Mijas. The Paint Nights take place once a month in the evenings. Each evening there is a theme and a motif that we paint on a canvas with instructions. No previous knowledge is necessary, you will see!

For questions or registration call +34 684 343 052, call or whats app !



Are you looking for regular painting courses on the Costa del Sol? Find with us your ideal course, whether courses 1x / week, individually bookable weekend courses for children and adults or your very individual courses. Paint a picture together with your whole family, you will be amazed what can come out of it!



It is a gift to be creative in Andalusia. The sun, the great colours and inspirations of this diverse world make it easy to paint here.

All my works have been created outdoors all year round. I love to experiment and find new ways in painting. Painting the world out of my eyes, this is my art, using many different materials and mixing techniques that give my handwriting to the works.

Have a look at my art on my webpage: https://sandrameiland.com or Facebook: Sandra Meiland

Sandra Meiland, SMEILAND


phone Germany: +49 231 58680966

phone Spain: +34 684 343 052

- Paint Nights - Costa del Sol

- Sandra Meiland